METHOD Decontamination Tent Bomba Johor

Handover of Decontamination Tent to Jabatan Bomba Negeri Johor

Optimize Safety with Decontamination Tent to Balai Bomba Larkin

We had the opportunity to handover the One Line Mini Decontamination Shower Tent to Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat Malaysia Negeri Johor.

The Decontamination Shower Tent was received by YS PKPjB Dato’ Haji Yahaya bin Haji Madis, Pengarah Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat Malaysia Negeri Johor The product walkthrough has been explained to the HAZMAT JBP Negeri Johor in Balai Bomba dan Penyelamat Larkin.

Use Case & Solution

For example, chemical-related accidents may occur where the victim / safety officer cannot access the plumbed system due to injury or the working area/environment layout. In order to maintain safe and secure operations, portable shower decontamination tent stations should be established within the area. There is an increased demand in modern industrial workplaces to provide these safety systems for rescue systems to ensure safety among all stakeholders.