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Happy 63rd Malaysia National Day


Happy 63rd Malaysia National Day from all of us at METHOD! Let us be mindful of everything we can do for our nation to make it a place of wealth, peace, and happiness. Here’s wishing you and your family a safe and happy Independence Day! Selamat Meyambut Hari Kemerdekaan yang ke-63! Proud to [...]

Happy 63rd Malaysia National Day2020-08-30T15:04:09+00:00

Optimize Safety with Combination of Fixed and Portable Eyewash Stations


Rescue Your Eyes Whenever, Wherever Optimize Safety with Complete Emergency Shower & Eyewash System in your Workplace Most workplace and laboratory designers often face the dilemma: what type of emergency equipment should I install?  The need for emergency showers or eyewash stations is based on the properties of the chemicals that workers use [...]

Optimize Safety with Combination of Fixed and Portable Eyewash Stations2020-07-15T06:53:09+00:00

PLUM pH Neutral & Eyewash Station Promotion


PLUM pH Neutral Eyewash Bottle Promotion Introduction In a large number of jobs, businesses and industries, you are particularly exposed to serious eye injuries caused by chemicals. Workplaces like airports, chemical factories, cement factories, construction sites, mining industry, or in the petrochemical industry are some examples. These industries use a lot of strong [...]

PLUM pH Neutral & Eyewash Station Promotion2020-07-15T06:06:46+00:00



METHOD: FIGHT COVID-19 During the unprecedented COVID-19 situation, we are taking steps to protect the health of our team members & customers and reduce the need for people to come into our office. As a result, there may be some temporary limitations and delays in support as we prioritize critical services. Our current [...]

METHOD: Fight COVID-192020-03-27T08:42:51+00:00

ARABLAB 2020 Rescheduled


ARABLAB 2020 RESCHEDULED The organizer decided to postpone ARABLAB 2020, which originally scheduled to take place earlier in March this year due to the overwhelming concerns of a majority of exhibitors, visitors, principals and agents who normally attend the event over their ability to travel to the Show and the Health & Welfare [...]

ARABLAB 2020 Rescheduled2020-07-02T06:12:23+00:00

Method – Yayasan Chow Kit Charity Program


On 17th December 2019, METHOD had the opportunity to visit the Yayasan Chow Kit (YCK) at their Pusat Aktiviti Kanak Kanak Chow Kit. The program was held after discussions with the management of YCK and our team - to understand what YCK really needs at the moment so we can help wherever we [...]

Method – Yayasan Chow Kit Charity Program2019-12-27T03:57:59+00:00

PLUM Eyewash pH Neutral Promotion


Product: 200ml PLUM Eye Wash pH Neutral - EP 4752 Product Brief: Neutralizing Eye Wash with Sterile Phosphate Solution 4.9% Product Description: In various industries i.e. airports, chemical factories, pharmaceutical, food & drugs, construction sites, petrochemical, strong acids & alkali are used in production and operation. The risk of an accident is relatively [...]

PLUM Eyewash pH Neutral Promotion2019-11-15T02:51:02+00:00

Do’s and Dont’s for Emergency Eyewash and Shower


As a manufacturer of emergency eyewash and shower, we have helped a lot of businesses to raise the safety level of their respective workplaces. Our emergency fixtures have been featured in more than 40 countries around the world for the past 20 years. With the level of experience that we have, we would [...]

Do’s and Dont’s for Emergency Eyewash and Shower2019-11-15T02:51:57+00:00

Invitation to Myanmar Lab 2019


We will be an exhibitor in the Myanmar Lab 2019. Also known as the 7th International Exhibition and Conference on Laboratory Analytical, Biotechnology and Scientific Instruments & Technology in Myanmar, this exhibition features companies from about 15 countries to serve the highly potential newly market-oriented Myanmar economy. We are a Malaysian manufacturer of [...]

Invitation to Myanmar Lab 20192019-08-30T04:15:41+00:00