As a manufacturer of emergency eyewash and shower, we have helped a lot of businesses to raise the safety level of their respective workplaces. Our emergency fixtures have been featured in more than 40 countries around the world for the past 20 years. With the level of experience that we have, we would like to share what you need to do and what you need to avoid to ensure the emergency eyewash and shower can be used effectively and safely in case there is an accident on your workplace.


  1. Ensure that the equipment be used for the purpose for which they are intended for. They only serve to supplement first-aid treatment.
  2. Ensure that all employees know the purpose of the emergency equipment. Employees exposed to or working in hazardous areas must be aware of the locations of the equipment and properly trained on the use of the equipment.
  3. Emergency equipment should be installed as close as possible to hazardous workplaces and clearly identified as eyewash or drench shower fixtures. The path to the equipment should be free from obstructions.
  4. One of the most important consideration when installing emergency equipment is to ensure that sufficient supply of water is readily available to the equipment at all times.
  5. Ensure that the piping should not be smaller than the inlet of the equipment and have a minimum of 30psi (2 bar) of flow pressure. The ideal flow pressure at all times should be between 30 to 45psi (2 to 3 bar).
  6. Only products that meet the American National Standards Institute (ANSI Z358.1) / Australian Standard (AS4775) for Emergency Eyewash and Shower Equipment should be installed.


  1. Do not discontinue the use of protective devices like eye and face protectors and protective clothing. The installation of emergency equipment should not be seen as a substitute for these protective devices.
  2. Do not use the emergency eyewash unit if it is known that eye injury is due to metal or some other solid fragment. Medical attention must be sought immediately.
  3. Do not alter the dimensions or heights of the equipment as the recommended height complies to ANSI/AS requirements.
  4. Do not depend on sink faucets as a replacement of emergency shower or eyewash.

METHOD produces high-quality ranges of Emergency Eyewashes & Drench Showers for the chemical-related industries, laboratories, hospitals, schools, colleges and universities. In line with the OSHA Rules and Regulations, every effort must be made to save sight and skin and alleviate suffering at workplaces in the event of an accident.

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