Double IBC Tank Spill Pallet With Removable Deck & Drain Plug

Ensure safety and compliance with the SPP 750 spill pallet. Designed for two IBC tanks, it features a 6000 kg load capacity, 1100L containment, removable deck, and drain plug. Perfect for efficient spill management in industrial settings. Dimensions: 2200 x 1300 x 500 mm.

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Double IBC Tank Spill Pallet with Removable Deck & Drain Plug – Model SPP 750

Maximize safety and compliance in your industrial environment with our Double IBC Tank Spill Pallet with Removable Deck & Drain Plug, Model SPP 750. Engineered for superior performance and reliability, this spill pallet is designed to accommodate two IBC tanks, providing an efficient solution for managing large-scale spills and leaks.

Key Features:

  • Heavy-Duty Construction: Built to endure the toughest industrial conditions, the SPP 750 boasts a sturdy design with a weight of 95 kg, ensuring stability and durability over long-term use.
  • Exceptional Load Capacity: Capable of supporting up to 6000 kg, this spill pallet is ideal for heavy-duty applications, securely accommodating two IBC tanks without risk of collapse or spillage.
  • Generous Containment Capacity: With a containment capacity of 1100 liters, the SPP 750 effectively manages significant spills, helping to prevent environmental contamination and maintain a safe workspace.
  • Removable Deck: The removable deck design facilitates easy cleaning and maintenance, ensuring that the spill pallet remains in optimal condition and ready for use at all times.
  • Integrated Drain Plug: Equipped with a drain plug, this spill pallet allows for convenient and efficient drainage of collected liquids, streamlining the spill management process.
  • Optimal Dimensions: Measuring 2200 mm (L) x 1300 mm (D) x 500 mm (H), the SPP 750 is designed to fit seamlessly into various industrial setups, providing ample space for double IBC tanks.

Enhance your spill management strategy with the Double IBC Tank Spill Pallet with Removable Deck & Drain Plug, Model SPP 750. Its robust construction, high load capacity, and convenient features make it an essential addition to any industrial facility focused on maintaining safety and compliance. Protect your environment and ensure operational efficiency with this reliable spill containment solution.

Additional information


SPP 750

Dimensions (L x D x H)

2200 x 1300 x 500 mm


95 kg

Max Loading Weight

6000 kg

Containment Capacity

1100 L


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