Lab Sink MS 505

Our rectangular MS 505 sinks are made of polypropylene co-polymer resin. Lightweight and superior in chemical resistance makes the sink ideal for use even in the most demanding laboratories.


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Injection moulded from polypropylene co-polymer resin, this lab sink comes with a self-draining base. This extremely durable rectangular polypropylene sink blends well into any laboratory workbench.

Overall, polypropylene lab sinks provide the premium chemical resistance that your corrosive laboratory environment needs. The most popular colour is black, but there are white and grey colours – please talk to our sales consultant to help you choose one suitable for your laboratories.

External dimensions (L x D x H): 552mm x 400mm x 235mm

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PP Lab Sinks


MS 505

External Dimensions (L x W x H)

552 x 400 x 235 mm

Nett Weight

2.30 kg


MS 505 PP Lab Sink Drawings


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