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General Purpose Fume Hood ASHRAE 110

This unit is the most common and basic unit fume hood available. Packed with features, this series is sleekly designed for performance and convenience. This ASHRAE 110 tested MEH model is suitable for general lab application and can deal with various common acid and solvents (except perchloric acid, you can check the MPH Series).

The MEH Series comes in four size variations: 4 feet, 5 feet, 6 feet, and 8 feet. Please specify your requirement if you would like to request for quotation.

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This unit is the most common and basic unit fume hood available. While packed with features,  performance and convenience are the key values within this MEH series. Therefore, this fume hood model is great for general lab use. Besides, this model is suitable for various daily applications (except perchloric acid, please check the MPH Series).

1) Clean and chemical resistance interior
2) Durable chain & sprocket system for smooth sash movement
3) Modern Europe chemical resistant polypropylene centrifugal fan
4) Flip open airfoil for easy cleaning of spillages.
5) OPTIONAL – Airflow alarm monitor to ensure user safety.

In addition, all three variations of this fume hood model are tested against the ASHRAE 110 (Method of Testing Performance of Laboratory Fume Hoods) standards by SIRIM Malaysia to afford users with assurance of the performance. The ASHRAE 110 standard is one of the latest and most comprehensive methods for testing operator safety level of fume hoods. In order to do that, this MEH series goes through tests qualitatively and repeatably to see how well the fume hoods contain the gases and vapours released in the work zone.

Additional information


General Purpose & Acid Digestion


ASHRAE 110 (Third-party tested)

Hood Construction

Steel with oven baked epoxy polyester coating

Internal Linear Material

Chemical resistance super white fibre reinforced polyester

Worktop Material

Solid cast epoxy resin worktop (black)

Worktop Design

All 4 sides marine spill edge

Sash Mechanism

Chain & Sprocket

Sash Material

6mm tempered glass

Sash Configuration


Max Sash Opening



Fluorescent Lighting

Electrical Sockets

13 Amps – 2 units


Standard switch – optional to upgrade Arialab Controller

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