Dust-proof Wall PLUM Combination Emergency Eyewash Station

A dust-proof wall portable emergency eyewash station comes with 1x 200ml bottle with pH Neutral eyewash and 1 x 500ml bottle with eyewash of unique liquid medium designed for cleansing of eyes. The unit, which comes with a mirror behind the lid, is particularly suitable for production areas with chemicals, a lot of dust and dirt, and for mobile workplaces.


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It is easy to get a foreign particle in your eye. For example, dust from the air or dirt, cleaning agents or paint from your hands can enter your eyes in the workplace.  Other than that, working with machines and tools that can result in getting wood or metal splinters in your eyes and increase the risk of eye injury. Getting a foreign body in your eye can be extremely unpleasant, as the eye is extremely sensitive. Without treatment, it may develop into an inflammation of the eye, cornea or iris. By rinsing immediately after the incident, you will prevent this and prevent foreign bodies from getting stuck in the eye.

PLUM Eye Wash contains a sterile saline solution of 0.9% sodium chloride, corresponding to the eye’s natural fluid. Besides, the soft and pleasant flow can rinse the eyes effectively. The product range has everything from the small handy bottle that you can always carry with you, to wall-mounted stations that will make it easy to get help in case of an emergency.

This particular portable emergency eyewash station comes with 1 unit of 500ml PLUM Eyewash bottle (Model EP 4604).

Other than foreign particles, there is high-risk exposure to acid and alkali in a workplace that involve chemicals. For this situation, this particular portable emergency eyewash station comes with 1 unit of 200ml PLUM pH Neutral bottle (Model EP 4752).



  1. Mount the emergency eyewash box easily on the wall.
  2. The green PLUM Eye Wash helps you remove dirt and foreign objects.
  3. The blue PLUM pH Neutral helps to neutralize acid and alkali for chemical accidents involving eyes.
  4. The soft bottles are easy to handle and rinse the eye with a soft and even flow.
  5. There are no doubts about how to use the bottle. Clear pictograms show you how.
  6. The economic soft plastic eye cup is shaped to fit the curve of the eye. Squeeze it together before putting it to your eye. The cup will help keep the eye open and provide the best possible flow of liquid and rinsing time.



  1. It comes with dust-proof wall station in impact-proof polystyrene
  2. 0.9% sterile sodium chloride – similar to that of the human eye
  3. 4.9% buffer phosphate – neutralize acid and alkali for chemical accidents.
  4. Effective eyewash for removal of dust, dirt, and contamination of in the eyes
  5. Easily manageable bottles
  6. Ergonomic eye-cups for an effective flow
  7. User-friendly design – you can open the bottle using one hand.
  8. Disposable bottles, do not reuse

This product is manufactured by PLUM A/S from Denmark.

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Additional information


EP 4787


Sterile Sodium Chloride 0.9%, 4.9% Phosphate Buffer

Dimensions (H x W x D)

280 x 230 x 110 mm


1 x 500 ml PLUM Portable Emergency Eyewash
1 x 200 ml PLUM pH Neutral Emergency Eyewash

Rinsing Time

About 15-20 minutes for both bottles


METHOD PLUM Eyewash Technical Data Sheet


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