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500ml PLUM pH Neutral Eyewash DUO

A handy bottle with 4.9% sterile phosphate buffer that will quickly neutralize acids and alkali. The ergonomic DUO eyecup makes it possible to rinse both eyes at the same time. It is particularly suitable for workplaces where there is a risk that both eyes are affected. The bottle can be used individually or as refill at eyewash stations and boxes.

The Plum DUO eyecup is a unique solution on the market. You no longer have to choose which eye to save. Studies and experience show that about 50% of all eye accidents involving chemicals affect both eyes. With our DUO eyecup, you are prepared. You can rinse both eyes at the same time and will not have to choose which eye to save.


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In a large number of jobs, businesses and industries, you are particularly exposed to serious eye injuries caused by chemicals. Workplaces like airports, chemical factories, cement factories, construction sites, mining industry, or in the petrochemical industry are some examples. These industries use a lot of strong acids and alkalis during the operation. The risk that something will go wrong, for example, because a hose comes loose, is part of everyday life. You need pH Neutral at hand.

In connection with eye injuries involving acids and alkali, it is important to neutralize the chemical as quickly as possible to a pH level of about 7.4. This is corresponding to the normal pH level of the eye’s fluid – preferably before the acid or alkali has penetrated into the cornea. To optimize safety where there is a risk of acid and alkali injuries, the eyewash solution must be:

  • Easily accessible
  • Quick to use
  • Effective

PLUM pH Neutral Eyewash is a 4.9% phosphate buffer that will quickly and effectively neutralize even very strong acids and alkali. The liquid consists of phosphate salts that are present in the body. The hydrogen phosphate buffer is effective against acids, whereas the dihydrogen phosphate buffer reacts against alkali.

We have tested the neutralising effect of pH Neutral for both strong acids and alkali compared with the effect of ordinary eyewash with 0.9% sodium chloride. The test clearly shows that pH Neutral will quickly neutralize both acids and alkali to a harmless pH level. In case of chemical eye accident, you can use this unit to rinse your eyes before continuing with the 500ml PLUM Emergency Eyewash (Model EP 4604) until you reach a doctor or an emergency room.

This product is manufactured by PLUM A/S from Denmark.

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Additional information


EP 4801


Sterile Phosphate Buffer 4.9%

Liquid Quantity

500 ml

Rinsing Time

About 2 minutes


METHOD PLUM pH Neutral Eyewash SDS

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