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Bench Mounted Eyewash c/w Drop-in Stainless Steel Bowl

This neat looking eyewash is designed for laboratory benches. The push-down plunger activates the eyewash to give a good steady soft-flow of water. It also incorporates our standard automatic compensating valve in the spray heads assembly.

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Eyewash Bowl – 383mm (15″) polished stainless steel bowl for bench mounting.

Eyewash Assembly – Stainless steel with ABS spray heads assembly with twin, soft-flow emergency eyewash heads and instant flip-open protective dust cover. The built-in automatic pressure compensating valve assures safe steady flow under varying water supply conditions. In addition, the spray heads also include a filter to protect users against particles from the water flow which may be damaging to the eyes and face.

Control Valve – To ensure continuous water flow, this unit is using a 316 stainless steel 1/2″ IPS valve that stays open until manually closed. Other than that, this unit also has a large, highly visible stainless steel push-down plunger that operates the control valve.

Pipe and Fitting – 1/2″ IPS stainless steel pipe epoxy powder coated with bright yellow colour.

Waste – 1″ IPS tailpiece

Water Supply – 1/2″ IPS

Signage – Eyewash

Option – For countertop mounted swivel / fixed eyewash without bowl, please check for model EXG 313.

This bench mounted eyewash with Drop-in Stainless Steel bowl can fit easily to any workplace and laboratory. Eyewash works quickly with a simple push down of its highly visible plunger. Our eyewash spray heads use the soft-flow aerators and automatic pressure compensating valve inbuilt in the spray head assembly.

Conformed to ANSI/ISEA Z358.1-2014 Standard.



Additional information


EY 5059 AB

Bowl Size

280 mm

Bowl Material

ABS Plastic Bowl

Nominal Pipe Size

1 inch

Inlet Size

0.5 inch

Flow Rate

At least 15 l/m


Stainless Steel 304

Connecting Fittings

Stainless Steel 304

Control Valve

Stainless Steel 316




ANSI Z358.1 & AS 4775

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