Disinfectant Spray Tent

Portable and easy to setup disinfectant spray tent.  The disinfection unit is 3 metres in length, with 12 nozzles spread out on top and at the sides of the tent.


  • Sensor activation
  • 12 nozzles spray
  • 3 metres long
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COVID-19 has surely changed our collective perspective on safety at the workplace. In Malaysia, the Ministry of Health, or Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM), advises the public to focus on 3Ws. First, we need to always wash our hands (using soap or hand sanitizers). Next, we need to wear face masks if we have symptoms. Last but not least, we also need to warn others about procedures and steps to stop the infection of COVID-19.  As a laboratory and safety equipment manufacturer and supplier, we believe that we have to do more to ensure that our customers, stakeholders, colleagues, partners and others to feel safe when they are back in their workplace. Therefore, we introduce this new line of disinfectant spray booth and tent to help kill virus, bacteria, and germs.

We design this particular unit with portability and convenience in mind. Workplaces like construction sites, farms where the workforce has a temporary site need this particular unit. Also, the tent can be easily set up and move, if needed to, even in a permanent workplace like a factory or office spaces with ever-changing requirements nowadays to deal with COVID-19.

With 3 metres length of the tent, users can walk slowly during the spraying process. User can enter one person at a time and the nozzle with spray automatically using sensor activation. With 12 spray nozzles spread out on top and at the sides, this will ensure the spray to cover the whole body and clothes.

Option: If you are looking for a unit for corporate office and shopping malls, you might go with our other model DI-E001 Disinfectant Spray Booth.


METHOD Disinfection Spray Tent Instruction for Use

Additional information


Quick setup portable disinfection tent


30 kg

External Dimension (W x D x H)

3000 x 1500 x 2000 mm

Frame Material

1mm thick galvanised steel pipe

Wall Material

0.2 mm thick PE

Spray Capacity

150 ml/min

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