200ml PLUM Eye Wash pH Neutral – EP 4752

Product Brief:

Neutralizing Eye Wash with Sterile Phosphate Solution 4.9%

Product Description:

In various industries i.e. airports, chemical factories, pharmaceutical, food & drugs, construction sites, petrochemical, strong acids & alkali are used in production and operation. The risk of an accident is relatively high as every day, employees are exposed to serious eye injuries caused by these chemicals.

PLUM Eye Wash pH Neutral acts as a first-aid kit, to prevent the risk of the acid or alkali penetrate into the cornea. For chemical eye injuries, the initial few seconds can make all the difference. You need something that effective, easily accessible, and quick to use.


The 4.9% phosphate buffer can help to quickly and effectively neutralize strong acids and alkali to the normal pH level of the eye’s fluid – about 7.4 should serious eye injuries occur in the workplace. The product features phosphate buffer properties with documented efficacy in chemicals-based eye injuries.


This unit features a small-sized, handy bottle (200 ml) that will fit into the customized belt bag, in a first-aid kit and tool box.


In the event of serious eye injury, users only need to twist the lid and rinse the eye carefully until the bottle is empty. A single turn breaks the seal and the unit will be ready to be rinsed.


RM 110


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